The Press refers to Surface Finishing as an antidote to the crisis
The Surface Finishing enterprise network , which brings together 11 companies based in Friuli operating in the area of metal finishing, appears in a Press article with an interview with the President of the network, Silvano Buttò: “We regard to that elusive recovery «we are going to find it ourselves» states Silvano Buttò reassuringly. The story of the small business owner in the North East is a classic tale. With Diesse, based in Fagagna (Udine), a dozen or so employees, 900 thousand euro of turnover in the processing and finishing of metal surfaces and yes, the company could have just continued to amble along waiting for Godot and the recovery. Instead we wanted to come out of the shell, to go beyond Triveneto and to begin to think like a large company». With the help of the Comet district, in June, it finalised a network contract, and here we have it, «Surface Finishing – an Italian network» of which today Buttò, 55 years old, is President: 9 enterprises united that in September will increase to 11 “to make that quality leap», he explains. The result? Nobody in Europe “brings together the skills that today we are able to offer in surface finishing». And Europe, therefore exports, is no longer a mirage for Diesse nor for Alfacrom 2000 of Fiume Veneto, for Bravin of San Quirino or for Myrtus of Maniago, to name just a few, who are ready to explore the «vertical» alliances to seek opportunities abroad with semi-finished products”. La Stampa 2/09/2014 to read the entire article click here.