The electroplating industry was primarily conceived to lay a layer of a metal or alloy on the surface of another metal to impart different properties not only from a technical point of view but also aesthetically so that during the early years of industrialisation there would be “plating” rather than metallic coatings. Among the first were gold and silver plating, as well as copper and nickel plating. Nowadays, there are decorative applications and processes that have been developed over the years that have expanded the range of materials to be covered so that in addition to metal substrates it is now possible to treat certain plastics. These technologies start from the preparation of the surface of the base material and continue with several processes involving copper, nickel and chromium or alternatively using deposits of precious or electrophoretic metals. Therefore the range offered starting from this family is diverse and the individual phases are carefully studied in relation to the application and to the target market, should greater functionality or aesthetics be required.